I’ll take that flag back now You cannot claim it anymore. Don’t wear it on your hats, your t-shirts, your bandanas. Don’t hang it from your car Or in front of your home. You have forgotten what it stands for And your waving of it is a lie. That flag should be freedom and democracy. That flag should be elections won and elections conceded, Fair say and human rights Fighting against those who put children in cages – not sending them there ourselves. That flag is not stop the count. But rather – we all count. That flag’s pole doesn’t shatter the windows of our capitol, but shatters the tatters of oppressions once overcome and again and again won. We will take up its tatters now With needles and thread and tape and glue With angry hearts and hurt souls And love of country – for what it could and should be For what it will be someday… We will weave it back together One colorful thread at a time.