Winking smileA Purim LimerickOpen-mouthed smile

by Sally Neff


There once was a queen known as Vashti

Whose husband was really a lush, see

He liked wine and beer

At girls he would lear

And demanded they strip for his party


Vashti won’t dance for the king though

So, he kicked her out of his chateau

He needed a queen

As young as eighteen

So he called for a new beauty game show


Esther was young and was pretty

The prettiest girl in the city

She went to the castle

To razzle and dazzle

And she made it right past the committee


Haman was a man of renown

Who wanted the Jews to bow down

When Mordechai wouldn’t

For he knew that he shouldn’t

Haman began his count down


Haman would kill all the Jews

He told the king to spread his bad news

His gallows he raised

The Jews were quite crazed

The situation must be diffused


Esther with fear sought the king

He would listen to his sweet young thing

His scepter he raised

And he was amazed

From those gallows bad Haman would swing


And so our joy is so sweet

We celebrate Haman’s defeat

They tried to kill us

But we were victorious

We won, so now let’s all eat!