Almost immediately after I posted the “perpetual fire” post, I was handed this wonderful mitzvah sheet from my student, Brooklyn.  With her permission, I share it with you:

Mitzvah Category: Iyun Tefillah

Activity: I communicated with G-d 5 minutes every night for 2 weeks

Describe why you performed this mitzvah:  I performed this mitzvah so I could feel closer to G-d.  Also when I was sad or confused, it would help me.

Describe your reactions to doing this mitzvah:  My reactions to doing this mitzvah were surprising.  I felt better after praying, especially if I was sad or frustrated.

Describe this mitzvah’s effect on others:  Even though no one really was effected in an obvious way, I hope the people I wished help for will receive help.  Also it might push me to help them more.

I especially liked that last line.  Regardless of whether we believe in G-d or not, the best prayer is the one that pushes us to be the best people we can be.  We make our prayers come true by allowing them to focus us into action.