“A perpetual fire shall be kept burning on the altar, not to go out.”  These words appear at the beginning of Parashat Tzav (Lev 6:6), this week’s Torah portion.  How do you keep a perpetual fire burning?  You have to feed it constantly.  If you neglect it, it will fade.  Without oxygen, it will choke.  Without constant attention and care, it will sputter.

The same is certainly true of our faith.  Faith does not remain strong unaided.  Faith is uplifted through community, music, the passion of hobbies, the witnessing of the beauty of nature, the connections of family and friends.  As we approach this season of Passover, let us not forget to feed our faith.  Let us soak up the warmth of family and the joy of community and let that nourish our own ner tamid (eternal light) as we go on.  A Zissen Pesach!