Soon, Soon…

Hi folks. I want to apologize for not posting in a few weeks. I have been quite busy with preparations for the High Holy Days and the start of the year. Back to School is also Back to Shul and we are getting ready (not that we ever really left…)

I am hard at work on my annual selichot sermon-in-song. This year’s sermon will be co-presented with Cantor Sergei Schwartz of Temple Beth Sholom. The topic is, “Lifting the Sparks: Redeeming the Profane, Recognizing the Holy.” I will be speaking about the ways in which secular or gentile melodies have been incorporated into the Jewish musical canon and why that is considered by some an act of redemption. What does all that have to do with the High Holy Days? You’ll just have to come to find out. Or wait… I’m sure that sermon will end up here in some form or other!

One other thing… A little crowd sourcing? I am working on creating a “Friends of the ACC (American Conference of Cantors) page.” What kinds of things would you enjoy reading on a page like that?


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