Truly Honored

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It is our pleasure to announce those Cantors who will proudly represent the ACC in Rome this November in a concert promoting Catholic-Jewish dialogue. The concert will be held at the Basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri. This group of Cantors was chosen from among the many submissions from our talented colleagues. The Cantors on this list represent the great diversity of our organization. In addition to those who are performing, Cantor Erik Contzius has graciously volunteered to compose a piece for this occasion.

Sopranos: Roslyn Barak, Susan Caro, Lori Corrsin, Gail Hirschenfang, Sally Neff, and Kerith Spencer-Shapiro

Altos: Lauren Bandman, Rosalie Boxt, Claire Franco, Tracey Scher, and Nancy Kassel

Tenors: David Berger, Mark Goldman, Peter Halpern, and David Margules

Baritones/Bass: Richard Cohn, David Frommer, Jonathan Grant, Todd Kipnis, and Leigh Korn

Accompanists: Alan Mason and Vladimir Polezhayev

The video of my audition can be seen on the sidebar.


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  1. Mazel Tov Sally ! Wow. I just watched your audition tape and, as always, had tears streaming down my face while listening to your exquisite rendition of the r’tzei.
    Kol Tov

  2. MAZEL TOV – I watched and listened to your audition video. The heartfelt raw emotion of love comes through in your singing/praying.

    So in the words of Tina Turner “Whats’s love got to do with it?”. Maybe everything? In the last two posts you pose the question “Can love (awe, fear) be commanded? In this post you allow us to bear witness to the emotion. So how do we live with love in our hearts? Do we need to learn love ourselves first since we are ‘made in the image of G-d’? Perhaps when we can suspend judgement and witness, truly witness and see each other, we can fulfill the ’emotional ‘commandments/mitvot in Deuteronomy.

  3. Mazel Tov Cantor Neff and all the other talented cantors chosen for the honor. I am not in the least bit surprised that Sally Neff was one of those chosen. Cantor Neff has one of the best Cantorial voices I have heard. She not only sings beautifully but sings prayerfully, spiritually with heart and soul. TBT is blessed to have her and no Rome will be blessed to hear her.

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